The range of Teflon extension ignition cables is updated day by day to meet the increasing number of CNG and LNG engines. More and more heavy duty vehicles have green engines. The global economy is increasingly focused on the environment and Brecav has always been attentive to energy saving and respect for the environment, just think that the production line has always been powered by compressed air, says Paolo Braia, Production and Logistics Manager.

The range includes 40 models with Teflon hood extensions to power engines 24/7, engines that move the economy with the new Green Power Style.

Vehicles powered by natural gas, CNG, LNG, LPG directly or converted from diesel engines need products of the highest quality, experience in the field, knowledge of the technical aspects peculiar to this type of fuel. Brecav Srl since 1990 distributes Golden Line products for CNG and LPG engines and has thirty years of experience in this field.

Ignition cables with teflon extensions and ignition coils for Truck and Bus cover Iveco, Man, Scania, Renault, Volvo, IIA (Breda Menarini) and Mercedes Benz.