Brecav, always careful to the care of details and to realize products equivalent to the original, has created for the world of Mercedes-Benz applications also the code BM904 that differs from BM912 in the slightly shorter length of only 3 cm.

“There are different elements for a spark plug cable to perform at its best, says Paolo Braia, Production Manager, one of these is that it is perfect in its application without having too much tolerance”.

The brand new BM904 Ignition cable is for Mercedes Bus, EvoBus and IIA (formerly Breda Menarini) applications with Brecav 59.065 5Kohm Protective Spark Plug Cap. The protective cover made for Mercedes Bus applications powered by CNG, LNG and CNG gas.

“Listening to the market we intended to create an AM product of our own production that could create more performance and be perfectly interchangeable with the new version for Mercedes-Benz code A9061500218 to the injection system, says Raffaele Braia Export Sales Manager and project leader of the brand new BM904”. The product is made with the best available silicone pastes that exceed 60 shore and some system changes that increase the performance of the product, the E-Class spark plug cable with tinned copper of first assembly derivation, complete the set the silicone resistive cap of 1Kohm.


Ignition cable 7mm Silicone Class E with tinned copper

Fuel type CNG, LNG, Liquefied Gas, Gasoline / Gas ( bifuel),

Spark plug Connection type SAE

Ignition coil M4 sawtooth fitting type

Length 780mm

Cross Reference

MERCEDES-BENZ A 906 150 02 18            

MERCEDES-BENZ 906 150 02 18