New product completely designed and manufactured for the Aftermarket for extension for Iveco buses and trucks fuelled by LNG and natural gas.

“Listening to the market we wanted to create an AM product that could create more performance to the CNG engine to improve performance and decrease CO, says Raffaele Braia Export Sales Manager and project leader of the 49.503 extension”.

The product still has the 3Kohm and the silicone and polyamide parts as per the origin and differs for some modifications.

Here are the OE reference codes:



The reference motors:

FPT C78ENTG20.00A001

FPT F2BE0642A*A002

FPT F2BE0642A*A003

FPT F2BE0642A*A009

FPT F2BE0642B*A001

FPT F2BE0642F*B007


IVECO F2BE0641A*A102

IVECO F2BE0641A*A104

IVECO F2BE0641A*A105

IVECO F2BE0641A*A106

IVECO F2BE0641A*A107

IVECO F2BE0641A*A108

IVECO F2BE0641A*A109

IVECO F2BE0641A*A110