To get current for the installation of accessories under lock and key: we suggest to buy directly this product ready to use, for the installation of car radios, amplifiers, air conditioners, anti-theft devices, hands-free kits, acoustic signallers of obstacles, play stations, monitors, and much more; for car, bus, truck, caravan applications, we are told by Palma Losignore Customer Care of Brecav Srl.

Sistema laderSistema lader

The Lader System is SAFE does not manipulate the electrical system and does not interfere on the CAN BUS line

QUICK the operation time is a few seconds

SIMPLE replaces a traditional fuse

FINAL does not require further interventions

NOT bulky minimum dimensions with possibility of of bending to orient the direction of the cable

The only warnings are on the choice of the amperage because it is necessary to add the amperage of the fuse replaced and the amperage required by the accessory to be installed. To ensure protection of the equipment, the LADER system must be plugged in with the cable at the output of the user. The cross-section of the cable is appropriate for the amperage of the fuse.

Amperage: 10-15-20 = cable cross-section 1 mm2

Amperage: 25-30 = cable cross-section 1.5 mm2

Palma Losignore