Ignition Cable Catalogue

Antonio Braia CEO e Direttore Commerciale Italia

The first aim of this catalogue is to introduce the world of Brecav. You will find information on the products, the network, the other product lines, the technical and qualitative characteristics of the products as well as the company’s history. The new 2010 catalogue contains 70 new items and about 300  new applications which underline the return of the ignition cable to various types of engines. Great attention has been given to the communicative aspect and to the graphics  highlighting the various ignition cable lines: Golden (LPG and methane), Rainbow which replaces the Tuning line with 5 different colours of cable available, and the Epoca (Vintage) line. The final section compares the Brecav products with those of its principal competitors. The catalogue contains explanatory pictures of the assembled cables and the available models, article by article, even if belonging to different car makes.

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