Rainbow Line

Antonio Braia CEO e Direttore Commerciale Italia

This is the line developed to sustain the specific requirements of high performance engines. The main features of the Rainbow cables are: high quality, 8mm cable diameter, Mag-wire conductor, various colours (orange, green, red and blue). This line is for all those who love supercharged engines and are fans of to fine tune the engine and Tuning and Racing.

Characteristics of the Rainbow Cable

Cable: in silicon,

Colours: orange, green, red and blue,

Ddiameter: 8mm,

Class F,

Impedance ohm: 5000-5400 ohm,

Cconductor: mag-wire.

Reference standards:

  • ISO3808 parts 1 and 2
  • SAE J557 – SAE J2031
  • VDE 0879

Insulators: SILICON

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