Equivalent to the Original Ignition cables

Antonio Braia CEO e Direttore Commerciale Italia

Brecav was the first manufacturing company in Italy to create a line of ignition cables that fully respect the appearance, quality and technical features of the cables fitted by the original car manufacturer.

Initially referred to as cabled as the original, the OEM equivalent line of cables conforms with the EU Monti Regulation in  BER UE 461/2010, which covers all internal vehicles in circulation.

Our company specializes in creating customized products both for car vehicles and motorcycles, making us one of the most complete players in the field of ignition cable production.

Brecav Srl range of Ignition cable set and Single leads Comply with the requirements for vehicle spare parts, particularly for the use in the context of maintenance and repairs in “authorized garages”.

The quality of our original parts is equal to the quality of the components that were used for the construction of the vehicle. Our products were produced respecting the specification and production standards of the manufacturer. The qualitatively equivalent spare parts offered by us are qualitatively equivalent as defined in paragraph 20 of the guidelines.

We are also taking into particular consideration ecology. During our educational meeting and with info on our catalogues and website, we recommend to all the customers to change Ignition cable within 50.000 Km. This is because  cable is subject to erosion of high voltage.  Its decay slows down transport of high voltage and determines more gasoline consumption. So change correctly Ignition cable It helps to avoid wasting money for petrol and enter less exhaust gases into the atmosphere. You will always have  happy start.




















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