Golden Line

Antonio Braia CEO e Direttore Commerciale Italia

As a result of feedback from the company’s distribution network, it emerged that there was a need to solve problems in relation to GAS, METHANE and LPG engines and this spurred Brecav into creating a series of specific ignition cables for these types of vehicles, This line eliminates the issue of deterioration and wearing of standard ignition cables thus avoiding problems of discharge and return of flame.

Characteristics of the Golden Cable

Cable: in silicon,

Colour: yellow,

Diameter: 8mm:

Class F,

Impedance ohm: 5000-5400 ohm,

Cconductor: mag-wire.

Reference standards:

  • ISO3808 parts 1 and 2
  • SAE J557 – SAE J2031
  • VDE 0879

Insulators: SILICON  go to the Ignition Cable catalogue


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