Bi3 Mangement School

Antonio Braia CEO e Direttore Commerciale Italia

In 2005, thanks to Antonio’s intuition, Brecav’s directors decided to share with other companies in Matera the same cultural management that had proved so successful in the growth of the company. As a result of the continual investment set up the Bi3, School of Management which aims at establishing a free system, a group of businessmen from different sectors who have common, coherent vision of how to run a business and orientated towards gaining experience so as to create new opportunities for both the individual and the company.

In order to reach the objectives set, Bi3 chose a team of specialists (from the Egidiana school of philosophy and thought) possessing a professional background and vast experience, both in Italy and abroad, and a know-how encompassing several fields. With these specialists Bi3 carries out projects aimed at managing changes in company culture, employee training and growth, and the development of sales activity in order to create a incubator system resulting in the healthy evolution of the companies within our wonderful country.

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