BER UE 461/2010

Antonio Braia CEO e Direttore Commerciale Italia

The European Commission, presided by Mario Monti, has worked with the aim of liberalizing the automobile Aftermarket in Europe to allow the car owner to choose an after-sales service with the best possible quality/price relationship. The BER EU 461/2010 Regulation (Monti Law) permits car dealers and repair specialists to purchase, from distributors in the Aftermarket, “spare parts of the exact same quality” as those fitted by the original car manufacturer. For those operating in the Aftermarket, this represents two opportunities:

1) Mechanics and car dealers can choose to purchase original spare parts or compatible products which have the same characteristics

2) “Compatible” spare parts are recognized as quality products in the independent market.

Brecav’s products, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation CE 461/2010, meet the quality requirements relating to the use of spare parts in the repairing and maintenance of vehicles by authorized car repair specialists.

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