Paolo Braia

Paolo Braia Responsabile Acquisti

“ Willpower, commitment and trust in others ... fundamental to obtain a good result”

Looking at the past, Paolo Braia, reflects on the teachings of those great businessmen who have a place in the history books. He speaks of the 1930s and 1950s, examining the sacrifices of those who, in difficult and uncertain times, faced the then present by investing in the future of today. A quick glance down the corridor, to his father’s office and we can see who he is referring to: an extraordinary example of entrepreneurship who, when others stood still and waited hesitantly, he   was plotting his course amid unsure judgments and concrete results. A strong link with the past and his roots, leads Paolo to perceive his role following the entrepreneurial traditions and to improve his knowledge of the area he now oversees: production and buying. He joined Brecav in 1995 bringing with him the intuition and desire to reach the goals he had already sent: improve product quality and production efficiency.

“I have always lived in this context: I learned draw from willpower, commitment and trust, an enormous amount of energy which is essential in order to obtain good results”.

Paolo, has great examples to fall back on. From his father to his brothers, Antonio and Angelo, he gets advice on various forms of management culture, which he astutely blends together into one embracing family values and those of Brecav. He represents an admirable compromise between son, brother and buyer where you need character to manage and carry out your business tasks. Learning to observe the work of he who for years taught us to love our work and the world we work in, helps enhance our presence in the ignition cable industry where our clients, on seeing us exhibiting at the most important trade shows, enthusiastically claim:

“Here we breathe the air of Brecav”

This phrase epitomizes the essence of our mission and it is easy to see from the comments expressed by the company’s clients, the concept of togetherness between what is read and what is experienced within the world of Brecav.

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