Human resources

Risorse Umane

“ The sound of the work, the ability to create in Tune”

The positive energy that we breathe in our workplace conveys the idea that all those who work in BRECAV are

“essential in reaching our objectives”


Greater attention to the Human Factor, intended from both an intellectual and professional viewpoint, helps build an efficient team within the company, capable of facing up to every possible situation.

“Our employees are not limited to class or department but are an integral part of a family and their culture, which is BRECAV.”

Whether you walk through the front door or speak to someone on the other end of the phone, the first image you have of the company depends on how you are received. Customer service assistant and production manager, Palma Losignore, together with Maria Pia Mazzarella, head of administration, are likely to be the first people you encounter. They have nurtured a passion for their jobs which they relish day after day and have come to consider their work as a natural emotional experience. Mr. Braia’s new philosophy of coming into contact with the production side of the ignition cables, leaves a lasting effect on employees: they want to work together in complete harmony in order to reach a common goal.

“There are no boundaries or limits between office staff and the those who work in production”

except of course a visible door that physically separates one area from another. This is confirmed by Nicola Festa, our head technician, who has spent over thirty years devising and elaborating various possibilities in order to ensure products of the highest quality. His life is intertwined with the company; he witnessed the initial difficulties and shared in the success that followed.

“I have been part of the evolution. I had faith in them and in my teacher Eustachio Braia. If we had not shown commitment, patience and perseverance, none of this would be here today”. These are words which confirm the sense of belonging not only to a name a company or a brand but also to a group of people who, although different, become part of the natural and emotional course of life. “we all get on well together, there’s no rivalry or bickering among us. This way of conducting our everyday working life helps us improve without ever questioning those around us. The company’s continue praising their working environment and are proud to be a part of this group which, as if following the Brecav philosophy, strengthens its bond with each passing day. This represents an entrepreneurial system that rewards the enthusiasm of those who work with the Braia brothers who, together with their father, are committed to respect the fundamental rules regarding the sharing of their vision. They consider their employees as workers who lay the foundations for success and entrust them with the production of the cables, certain that the employees will respond with the utmost care and highest degree of professionalism.

Responsibility, trust and dialogue are the main elements needed to form an efficient and strongly knit group. Relations between the material and the human factors prove difficult when others take into consideration only the visual aspect. Behind each ignition cable there lies not only experience or a technician or professional figure but above all a group of people who every day leave a little bit of themselves in what they do, thus becoming part of a one big family: Brecav Srl.

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