Eustachio Braia

Eustachio Braia Amministratore Unico

“ Having a dream and deciding to make it come true”

“Having a dream and deciding to make it come true”

This means opening our minds to the ability of elaborating a thought and then considering it no longer just a thought. This is a concept that describes the image of life, through the eyes of Eustachio Braia, he who believed in, and sought after, a future built on the basis of an idea and truth. When just 13 years old he was introduced by his father to the world of engines and worked in a small mechanic’s garage. On deciding that this was the life for him, he opened a car electrical garage. Throughout these years, he was able to learn more about this field and study in detail the heart of the engine, recognizing the importance of the ignition cable.

“The  ignition cable is fundamental for the automobile as it conveys current to the engine. It is life, without which the engine cannot exist”.

The main traits of Mr. Braia’s character – strength, tenacity and trust – helped him in the pursuit of his objective while he observed the environment and the faces of all those surrounding him. He had the courage to face change without ever having to look back, but the real driving force behind Eustachio was his family and he laid the solid foundations of the company on the same ethical and moral values.

“My kids grew up on bread and ignition cables” says Mr Braia “when I used to take my work home, they would all give me a hand”.

Commitment, desire, and sacrifice are the fundamental values handed down from the Eustachio who had the ability to sensibly transfer these to his children in every moment of the daily life. Plotting out a future while preserving and safeguarding the highest moral values is not only  limited to the internal of the company, but must also be extended to a wider public of  business, i.e. the client.

“During my working life the term “client” has more often than not been synonymous with friendship. The relationship that is established has an eternal value.  This is what we take pride in” affirms Eustachio Braia.

Emotion and pride are written across his face as he recounts his life, not always an easy story to tell, and it is easy to perceive this man’s inner commitment as he consciously plays the part of role model for others and especially for his sons. Brecav, founded with this very same spirit, does not only want to be seen as an industrial brand but also as a symbol in which people can recognize themselves.

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