Antonio Braia

Antonio Braia CEO e Direttore Commerciale Italia

“ Joins the company with one target: To communicate with style”

A strong handshake together with a smile and sincere look in the eye are the distinguishing feature of Antonio Braia, CEO of Brecav. An attitude, fruit of his childhood memories when he used to watch his father, in a shirt and tie, ply his trade as a car electrician and welcome his customers as “friends”. What Antonio witnessed back then was to sculpture the way in which he would later relate to others and how he would offer a product to the market, that is using the same virtues that his father had always shown: cordiality and respect.Antonio entered into the company with one sole objective: communicate efficiently and with style. A innovative catalogue, a new corporate image, different colours, a new segment to add value to the brand transforming it from an idea into a concrete reality. The initial challenge soon materialized into a final concept. For years, and at a time when the value of advertising was seen as an unnecessary monetary outlay, he suffered both internal and external conflicts in order to assert his belief that investing in communication would bring long term results to the company. However, who possessed a stubborn and entrepreneurial character, had one concrete advantage: his father’s support and belief in what he was trying to achieve. His unquestionable value of fighting to realize his wishes, had taught him to believe that in order to reach his goal he would have to endure challenges and sacrifices on a daily basis. In 1998, once he was sure of being able to sit behind a desk, he was encouraged by his father to manage the production and soon after he learned to listen to the noise within the workplace; “before sitting behind a desk, you must understand how a ignition cable is made, and what it is we actually have to sell, in order to have a global and more tangible vision of our work, in order to be more credible and begin a process of trust”. Establishing good relations with all those with whom he had daily contact, both inside and outside the workplace, was the first thing Antonio put into practice thus creating bonds and partnerships which were forged on ethical and moral grounds. The first trade show in Frankfurt, exposes the name Brecav  to an international audience, thereby adding value to the Brand.

“There can be no leadership, without a team.”

We must grow by accepting the advice we receive without ever underestimating its critical and analytical value.

“We learn from the experience of those who have gone before us, and by working with coherent actions and behaviour”.

Antonio views his professionalism, his company culture, as fruit of him being able to listen, where the words are no longer abstract but become a fundamental part of how we understand our working and human life.

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