Angelo Raffaele Braia

Angelo Raffaele Braia Direttore Commerciale Estero

“ Culture is the true entrepreneurial resource”

It was not easy for Angelo Raffaele Braia who, when 26 years old and urged by his brother Antonio, was faced with the difficult task of choosing whether to keep his post as a job consultant or join the family-run company. His linguistic talents and his interest in other peoples and their culture, make him the perfect choice for a rapidly expanding company. Angelo, as he is called by our foreign clients, joined his brothers, Antonio and Paolo, in sharing not only a project but also the quality and professional ideals handed down by their father Eustachio, and in 1997 became our Export Sales Manager.  Conquering foreign markets was one of the most important objectives of Brecav; dealing with clients from all over the world during international trade shows became inevitable for those who look beyond race, language and religion.

“I have been in contact with people from various nations on numerous occasions. Learning about their culture has developed a kind of trust in me. Watching myself doing certain things, made me feel one of them”.

Diversity, intended not as a limit, but as an element of growth and integration gives us new opportunities to introduce our company into international relationships.

“Culture is the true  entrepreneurial resource”

The extremely rational Raffaele has been able not only to contact each individual country but also watch, learn and breathe their traditions.

“It’s important to know our clients also from a social-anthropological point of view, because we cannot impose ourselves on them but we must adapt to understand them and meet their needs”.

Information, and the total assimilation of the same, create the fundamental principle on which marketing philosophy is based; the same philosophy that Raffaele has been attentively observing for years while at the same time watching the market in its entirety from a human and business point of view. The word respect takes on a more important meaning and, by placing it at the base of all international deals, ranks Brecav as the moral capital of the whole entrepreneurial system.

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