Foreign clients

Angelo Raffaele Braia Direttore Commerciale Estero

“ The quality of our products has opened exciting new doors to other countries internazionali.La BRECAV network connection with foreign countries is already a winner, and our efforts are aimed at strengthening the export sector. ”

These are export Countries:

– Albania
– Algeria
– Bielorussia
– Cipro
– Costarica
– Danimarca
– Emirati Arabi
– Estonia
– Germania
– Giordania
– Grecia
– Lituania
– Marocco
– Portogallo
– Repubblica Ceca
Repubblica Russa
– Romania
– Siria
– Slovacchia
– Slovenia
– Tunisia
– Venezuela

In order to find suppliers of Brecav products abroad, contact indicating your country of interest and we will send you the information as soon as we can.

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