Assembly Guide

Antonio Braia CEO e Direttore Commerciale Italia

Brecav recommends that the installation and removal of our cables be carried out following this set of rules:

• basic rule, the replacement of ignition cables must be carried out when the engine is cold

• turn the car ignition off: high tension electric shocks can cause serious accidents

• make sure that the sparkplugs, the distributor cap and the distribution coil (if present) are dry, clean and in good working use

• connect the new cables in the same order as the original ones, changing one at a time.

• firmly press down on the ignition cable to get a good contact

• firmly press the other end of the cable onto the distributor cap until you get an air tight fit.

• to remove the cables during maintenance, take hold of the suppressor (A), not the cable (B) and turn it before removing it. In this way the grip slackens without ruining the cable.


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